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Opinion Piece In Gisborne Herald Calls Out MoH’s Negligent Attitude Towards Martin Gledhill’s Conflict of Interest

July 1, 2023
Thank-you to the Gisborne Herald for publishing this opinion piece by Simin Williams regarding the Ministry of Health’s irresponsible approach to Martin Gledhill’s blatant conflict of interest. Gisborne Herald, 30 June, 2023. The issue of conflict of interest has been...
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Crown Signs Over Quarter Share of 5G Spectrum to Māori

June 23, 2023
Editor’s note: As is typical, this article from the NZHerald has ignored the results of thousands of studies which demonstrate that radio-frequency radiation is associated with a plethora of unwanted health effects. NZHerald 22 June 2023. The Crown has handed...
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Minister of Health Charged to Remedy Glaring Conflict of Interest

June 22, 2023
SaferTechNZ, 19th June, 2023. A coalition of Health and Safety watchdog groups has called on the Minister of Health to remedy a serious conflict of interest in one of its most important advisory committees. So far, the Minister has downplayed...
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A Quick Look at Health and Safety Hazards of 5G Technology

June 18, 2023
EMF Action Network, trying to understand the consequences over the benefits of 5G technology is difficult and can be confusing, as advertising in the mainstream media points only to the alleged benefits of 5G.  This video, which covers 5G…
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Dr Heather Guy Calls On The Whangarei District Council To Suspend Roll Out of 5G

June 18, 2023
SaferTechNZ, Dr Heather Guy, a GP working at the Environmental Health Clinic in Whangarei, spoke to the Whangarei District Council in September, 2019, regarding evidence which supported a suspension of the roll out of 5G.
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Doctors Call for Delaying Deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks

June 18, 2023
NTD, this informative news item includes interviews with internationally-recognized researcher, Dr Magda Havas, and Dr Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada.
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Dr. Pri, Dr. Carpenter & Jennifer Manzler On EMF Pollution

June 17, 2023
Children’s Health Defence,  Dr. Pri, Dr. Carpenter and Jennifer Manzler, an EHS sufferer, are ‘Good Morning CHD’ guests, divulging the science and personal impacts of the electrosmog we are being subjected to.  What are the implications of this form of …
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Michael Vaughan On Technology, Children & Keeping Kids Safe Online

June 16, 2023
RCR, On May the 22nd, 2023, Paul Brennan of Reality Check Radio, interviewed Auckland-based registered child psychologist, Michael Vaughan, B.Sc. (Hons), M.Ed., regarding the effects of excessive screen time on the psychological and physical health of children. Hear this interesting …
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