Drawing upon decades of independent scientific research, we aim to raise community awareness of the risks involved with exposure to radiation from wireless devices and networks, plus information on ways to minimise those risks.

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The Precautionary Principle

The precautionary principle is a decision-making tool that supports taking protective measures to prevent or reduce harm to human health or the environment from activities or policies that have a suspected risk, even if there is not complete scientific proof or consensus of the risk. This Principle emphasises caution, pausing and review before leaping into new innovations that may prove disastrous.

There is much debate among scientists around the world about the levels of wireless radiation that may or may not be safe for the public. The ‘allowable limits’ vary enormously around the world, with some countries having limits hundreds or even thousands of times lower than ours in NZ.

Given this international debate and the need for further research, we believe it’s simply common sense to apply the Precautionary Principle.

Community Education

We are dedicated to informing the New Zealand public about the potential risks associated with wireless radiation. Many people falsely believe that their devices are entirely harmless and take no precautionary measures to limit their exposure to the pulsed, microwave-frequency radiation. We aim to increase community awareness and provide information about simple strategies to reduce the risk of harm.

Evidence-based information

Our Advisory Board includes medical, legal and science professionals dedicated to reviewing the latest research, liaising with international colleagues and campaigning for safety legislation (see ‘Research’).

Conflicts of Interest

We aim to expose and challenge Conflicts of Interest which may detract from the quality and independence of advice being given to the Ministry of Health (M.O.H.) We are challenging the leading role being taken by a member of the Interagency Committee for Health Effects of Non-Ionising Fields – a committee charged with the responsibility to provide high-quality, independent advice to the M.O.H. (link to letter to Minister). We believe it’s inappropriate for an individual who owns a company contracted by major telecommunication companies to take a leading role in a committee charged with providing independent advice to government.

Safety Standards

New Zealand’s Safety Standards (allowable limits of radiation) are among the least protective in the world. Despite the existence of thousands of peer-reviewed studies showing biological effects at much lower exposure levels, the allowable limits in New Zealand continue to be based upon the assumption that heating of tissue (thermal effects) is the only mechanism of harm.We continue to lobby government officials about this issue – please support us! See ‘Actions’

Our New Zealand affiliates include:

Our New Zealand affiliates include:

  • STANZ Safer (EMR) Technology Group NZ – Christchurch
  • WAET – Waiheke Action for Ethical Technology,  Email: goodcompanypacific@protonmail.com
  • NZ Wireless Authority for Radiation Reduction & Protection.

Our International Affiliates include:

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