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Michael Fleck

Micahel Fleck

Since 2018 Michael has researched and campaigned for EMF awareness and protection while working with a national network (WARP), a regional group (SaferTechNZ) and a local group (WAET -- Waiheke Action for Ethical Technology). While not trained as a scientist, he has studied the history and philosophy of science while earning a Master of Arts degree in literature and communication arts -- a foundation that has nurtured sixty years of activism, beginning with the civil rights movement and Vietnam War protests in the USA.

David Holden

David Holden

David Holden is a senior Natural Medicine Practitioner with 40 years experience. He originally trained as a Medical Scientist at the NHI in Wgtn, NZ, double majoring in Microbiology & Biochemistry. He then jumped the fence into Natural Medicine, training in 3 countries spanning 12 years, and gaining 5 internationally recognized qualifications. He now runs a specialist Naturopathic Oncology Consultancy on Auckland’s North Shore and is an author and lecturer for his other business that he is launching internationally in 2025 called Biohacking Healing 101.

David has a keen interest in Ancient Healing Knowledge as well as the latest in Science & Technology and keeps up to date with the latest developments in the Healing & Consciousness spaces. He is an avid teacher of safer technology use for his patients, students and the wider community. David has a keen interest in Frequency & Vibrational Medicine coupled with Ancient Spiritual Yogic Metaphysics & Sacred Esoteric Wisdom & new understandings in Quantum Healing, Epigenetics & Life Extension.

You can find out more about him by visiting: and

Tim Lynch

Tim Lynch - Reluctant NZ activist, due to freedoms either being taken, or forfeited due to unknownness and unconsciousness. Since 1980's felt compelled to work with other like minds, yet remain in one's heart.
Radio Host for 17 years, until youtube took down 8 shows. Website - presently abandoned.

Michael Vaughan

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Prof. Bill Watson

Professor Bill Watson

Prof. Bill Watson is currently director of the East-West Clinic and a practitioner of bioenergetic medicine for more than forty years. His involvement in SaferTech NZ since its inception in 2019 is based on a valid and growing concern for public health and safety. He is a futurist and specialist in consciousness studies with both practical and academic career paths in the fields of East-West psychology, cultural anthropology and homotoxicology. He has consulted with leaders of more than eighty organisations in such diverse industries as energy, manufacturing, health care and renewable resources, as well as local and national governments.  He is Former Director, Access Asia Ltd., and taught in the graduate program of international business at the University of California, the Executive MBA programs at Auckland University, UNITEC, and Auckland Institute of Studies.  He was faculty of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and visiting professor of Psychology at South China Normal University, (Guangzhou) and China Medical College, (Taichung).

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