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What is EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity)?

An estimated 15% of our population suffer from a degree of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), also known as Microwave Syndrome.

Symptoms are medically recognised in many countries, including Sweden and Germany, yet are often mis-diagnosed.

Daily we are exposed to potentially harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation (electro-smog) from mobile phones, cell towers, wireless devices and even electrical wiring and home appliances, the effects of which are long-term and cumulative.

Complete this survey to identify your sensitivity

Complete the survey to identify your sensitivity and help us build a national support network for those afflicted. Download the survey here.

See this map of Cell Tower Locations in NZ and learn how close you live to their emissions GIS Geek Maps.  

Recent Studies

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Nilsson M, Hardell L. Development of the microwave syndrome in two men shortly after installation of 5G on the roof above their office. Ann Clin Case Reports. 2023; 8: 2378.

Hardell L, Nilsson M. Case Report: A 52-Year Healthy Woman Developed Severe Microwave Syndrome Shortly After Installation of a 5G Base Station Close to Her Apartment. Ann Clin Med Case Rep. 2023; V10(16): 1-10

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