Crown Signs Over Quarter Share of 5G Spectrum to Māori

June 23, 2023
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Editor’s note: As is typical, this article from the NZHerald has ignored the results of thousands of studies which demonstrate that radio-frequency radiation is associated with a plethora of unwanted health effects.

NZHerald 22 June 2023.

The Crown has handed over the 5G frequencies allocation set aside for Māori to the Māori spectrum working group at a signing ceremony in Wellington on Wednesday.

Today marks the vesting of a share of important 5G telecommunications frequencies in a Māori Spectrum entity,” the working group’s co-convenor Antony Royal said in a release.

Royal said new legislation was coming shortly that would enshrine a negotiated agreement of 20 per cent of all future spectrum allocations for tele-communications to Māori.

“The results of this, for Māori participation in the telecommunications industry, will be huge,” he said.



EU Appeal:  

In 2017, an appeal to the European Union to halt 5G was prepared by scientists and doctors: The full appeal may be read at this link:

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The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space was begun as an appeal by scientists (and has been signed by a large number of scientists and doctors), but may now be signed by anyone:

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