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So here’s the good news……there are many simple ways to reduce your exposure to radiation from wireless devices and networks.

  1. Turn off your wi-fi at night and anytime you’re not using it. Better still, use wired internet (ethernet) connections so you don’t expose your family to wireless, microwave-frequency radiation.
  2. If you are using a wireless device (e.g. laptop, phone, iPad), keep the device away from your body. Use the speaker on your phone rather than placing it against your head. Never place a laptop on your lap.
  3. Turn off wireless devices when not in use, or place them on ‘Flight Mode’ with wi-fi, mobile data and Bluetooth turned off.
  4. Mobile phones with wi-fi, data and Bluetooth turned off emit around 95% less radiation and can still send and receive calls and text messages.
  5. Avoid carrying your phone in a pocket or anywhere close to your body. Even on Flight Mode, your phone emits pulses of microwave-frequency radiation every few seconds.
  6. Remove all wireless devices from the bedroom at night. Never sleep with a device under your pillow or on a bedside table.
  7. Talk to your child’s teacher and Principal about reducing your child’s exposure to wireless radiation during school hours. Ask if they are aware that some countries are taking steps to protect children from adverse health effects, e.g. France has banned wi-fi in pre-school centres and restricted its usage in primary schools.

Products to help us protect ourselves

There are many products on the market which claim to be protective against microwave radiation from wireless devices and networks. However, it’s not always clear whether or not they are effective and the evidence-base is not always convincing. That’s why we have teamed up with a company named Custodi – their products can be shown to be effective by using a meter to measure the reduction in radiation exposure.

Introducing Custodi

We like Custodi ( because their products focus on protecting your privacy as well as your health. Custodi provide the world’s most advanced, military-grade, certified FARADAY products.

Faraday bags, named after the pioneering scientist Michael Faraday, utilise specialized materials to create a Faraday cage, effectively shielding electronic devices from unwanted electromagnetic signals. This shielding capability is invaluable for protecting sensitive information, ensuring privacy, and preventing potential threats such as interference, hacking, or tracking.

Beyond their role in digital security, Faraday Bags also offer notable health benefits by reducing exposure to wireless electromagnetic radiation. As individuals become more aware of the impact of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) on well-being, the health benefits of using Faraday Bags will become increasingly appreciated, making them a holistic solution for both digital security and personal health.

Check out Custodi’s Mission Darkness and OffGrid Faraday bag range.

We thank Custodi for donating 5% of sales to SaferTechNZ customers to support our community awareness campaign.


Creating a safe home environment

You want your home to be a safe, healthy environment for you and your family. So, you may wish to obtain an accurate, professional assessment of the radiation exposure levels in your home and the improvements you can make for the benefit of your family’s health and well-being.

Introducing EMF solutions - creating safe EMF environments

EMF Solutions ( aims to make understanding EMF’s easier. The company offers home assessments to measure your family’s EMF exposure and provides solutions to help create a safer home environment.

EMF Solutions will measure in detail EMF fields in your home with the best EMF meters available on the market. The company is able to measure and analyse magnetic fields, radio frequencies, dirty electricity and electric fields. You can receive either a basic or a comprehensive report detailing your family’s EMF exposure plus mitigation strategies in order of recommended importance. In most homes EMF can be reduced dramatically.

On the EMF Solutions website, you’ll also find excellent online self-help information to help you reduce your family’s exposure, plus a wealth of research articles and other information.

Find out how EMF Solutions can help you create a safer home environment:

Required Urgent Actions

2020 Consensus Statement of UK and International Medical and Scientific Experts and Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR).
Read the 2020 NIR Consensus Statement

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