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"Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world." - Dr. Martin Pall

These are the different types of EMF:

Magnetic fields

Magnetic fields are created when there is current flowing in power cables (think of water flowing in a pipe), and this current creates a magnetic field around the cable. The strength of the magnetic field depends on the quantity of current; the higher the current the more intense the magnetic field. So the magnetic field can be stronger in the home when everyone is home and a lot of appliances are on - eg oven, hob, air-conditioning, etc. This magnetic field can affect the health of people living close to it. As an example, in most cases, it would be unwise to live under power transmission lines but it also means being close to power cables in the home or using some appliances is unwise and in some cases should be avoided. This is the one EMF field where it is almost impossible to shield against because magnetic fields penetrate almost anything, therefore sometimes the only solution is to create distance from the source to minimise your exposure. As they say with many EMF fields, the further away you are the better!

Electric Fields

Electric Fields are a physical field measured in millivolts, and are produced by power within cables which emit into the surrounding area, the strength of the field is determined by the voltage. In the case of NZ household cabling which is 230 volts, this can emit up to 1.2m away from the cable even when no power is being used. An electric field will exist even when the device is not in use (turned off), so the best way to avoid exposure is to create a distance between the source and yourself, so making sure meter boxes, switchboards are as far away as possible from the occupants of the home. This even includes power cords, multi boxes under a desk where someone sits for a long time, having no power cables or cords near a bed, in fact no power cables or power sockets behind the wall where the bed sits is ideal.

Distance from the source is the best way to minimise exposure to Electric fields as with most EMFs.

Radio Frequency

RF – Radio Frequency is used by mobile phones and phone towers, WiFi, computers, and many other devices, this is best described as man made waves travelling extremely fast around our environment and in our homes, in fact at the speed of light. How close the waves are together is called the frequency, so a Modem using a frequency of 2.4GHz means it has waves that are travelling at 2.4 billion times a second past a point. Microwaves also use these frequencies so would you consider it safe to put a small microwave next to your head and risk the consequences in the future for sake of you or your families health?

Wi-Fi should also be avoided, as well as anything Wi-Fi enabled or with Bluetooth capabilities as these frequencies have been proven in numerous studies throughout the world to cause various health problems, the studies which show no adverse health effects are usually found to have been funded by the Telco industry itself!

The best way to avoid Wi-Fi is to install data cables throughout the home and to disable Wi-Fi on the modem, like we used to have a few years ago! The exposure standards used at present throughout most of the world are based on thermal effects while not allowing for biological damage on a cellular level.

Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity is caused by many devices in the home. It is a high frequency which travels on the existing power and lighting cables around your home, and can sometimes be hard to reduce your exposure to as it can travel into your home from outside your property over the mains cables and into your home.

Dimmers, fluorescent lights, computers, solar invertors, and many other electrical devices with a switch mode power supply can create Dirty Electricity. This EMF field is like an Electric Field EMF and can radiate off the power and lighting cables and penetrate into the room up to 1.2 to 1.5m. Again distance from the cables and appliances is the best way to minimise exposure to this type of EMF, but another way to mitigate the occupants exposure is to install Dirty Electricity filters in some power outlets which hence reduces the Dirty Electricity usually to acceptable levels.

Reducing dirty electricity as much as possible has been shown to relieve or improve symptoms for some people predisposed to EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity), including people with insomnia, fatigue, depression, ADD, Diabetes, Asthma, MS, headaches, concentration issues etc. It is not as widely studied as Radio Frequency or Magnetic fields but sometimes seems to affect EHS sufferers more than other EMF fields.

This, is the best website for explaining dirty electricity and its health effects and also, Dirty Electricity: A Literature Review.

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